Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs)
Shepherd Color pigments

Shepherd Color pigments are highly-engineered ceramic colorants — and that means tough! They are impervious to sunlight, chemicals, and thermal attack. They are compatible with not only widely used polymers, but also the most exotic, difficult-to-formulate systems. Their extreme inertness defends against migration from plastics or coatings, and helps to ensure environmentally sound, non-toxic recipes. Vitreous enamel producers can count on Shepherd pigments to withstand processing temperatures of more than 700 °C. Imagine the stability that can be achieved in your advanced polymer!
Many Shepherd pigments meet U.S. and international regulations for direct food contact. Eliminate uncertainties and concerns about safety and handling of pigments by using Shepherd pigments in your most sensitive applications. Solve your most difficult coloration problems with Shepherd Color pigments.