M.I.O Micaceous Iron Oxide Euro-Mica от Ziegler & Co. GmbH

With its fish-scale-like and plate-like structure, the qualities of the natural iron oxide (Fe2 O3) Euro-Mica are comparable to those of muscovite mica. Scale armor paints and iron oxide paints were named after these micaceous iron oxide characteristics. Micaceous iron oxide paints are well approved in heavy corrosion protection and are preferential substances in building protection wherever long life durancy is needed. The micaceous iron oxide Euro-Mica has an excellent lamellar structure with a content of lamellar particles of about 70% (according to the current ISO norm). This lamellar structure creates that barrier effect which is responsible for the long-lasting corrosion protection. This blockade avoids actively the penetration of humidity (salt water, tropical moisture) and air pollution. This scale-like structure is also the reason for the excellent adhesion to the substrate of anti-corrosion coatings as well as in intermediate layers in multilayers coatings. Moreover, the lamellar structure of Euro-Mica acts as an UV filter. Thus, Euro-Mica supports a sustainable delay of degradation of the binding resin resulting from climatical influences. Characteristic of the chemical analysis of Euro-Mica is the high purity. Euro-Mica is characterised by a high Fe2O3 content. Of comparable importance is the absence of quartz contamination. The decisive parameter for the immediate corrosion protection is the electrolyte content of pigments in the coating system. Euro-Mica provides an extraordinarily low electrolyte content. The micaceous iron oxide Euro-Mica offers a characteristic steel-grey colour with metal shine. Euro-Mica behaves neutrally in corrosion protection systems using coloured pigments. Four main qualities of Euro-Mica are available, differing in particle size distribution. The product specifications comply with the valid micaceous iron oxide standards as per ISO 10601 and the TL/ TP-KOR-Steel constructions (Standards issued by German Railways and BAST Road Construction Authorities).

Technical Data of Euro-Mica