Pigment concentrates
Protec Systempasten GmbH

Protec Systempasten GmbH has been supplying paste systems and tinting technologies to the paint industry for many years. Our partners receive individualised tailor-made technical solutions for their own in-house production as well as for commercial colour mixing systems. Protec Systempasten is your gateway for professional colour mixing. We offer tailor-made solutions based on customer-specific concepts.

As specialists and technological leaders, we offer an all-round service package that includes selecting a tinting-paste system tailored to your requirements, developing tint-range formulations, and converting and servicing mixing machines.


  • DecoTint PREMIUM HP
  • PREMIUM HP - Update 2013
  • DecoTint PREMIUM W
  • DecoTint PREMIUM S
  • DecoTint PREMIUM I
  • DecoAdd IR+
  • DecoAdd WP+

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