At Ecronova Polymer you will find a huge number of binders for low-emission systems: for interiors, for primers, as well as for low-filled systems. Also, you can easily formulate paints for architectural applications and plasters with our binders. Special procedures in the emulsion production such as the core-shell process or power feed technology allow the user to formulate paints that are low in emissions and have a high level of blocking resistances. Exterior paints, which are based on our emulsions, are less susceptible to pollution.

Our polyurethane dispersions, which are without exception free of N-methylpyrrolidone, are the benchmark for lacquers in wood industries. Some of our products show clearly that sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive. One impressive example shows that is it possible to use a 1K System where up to now 2K Systems were the only answer.

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